Our Services

All of our services are 100% free! We are funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help you get into college and obtain a college degree, or enroll in a trade school program or other form of post-secondary training. Wherever you are with education, we are here to help you overcome obstacles. From getting a GED to a master's degree, the EOC advisors can assist with navigating the application process and connecting you to useful resources.

Financial Aid/ Scholarships

College can be expensive. We aim to help you enroll in a quality higher education program without being crushed by debt. The first step for any potential student is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), regardless of income.


The EOC will walk you through the FAFSA, helping you to understand your Student Aid Report and maximize the amount of aid you may qualify for. 


We are also here to assist with scholarship research and applications.



College Research

There are many colleges to choose from, including trade schools, and many ways to attend school now. Through personal academic counseling, we can help you narrow down the choices based on your current needs.


Once we pinpoint the degree/certificate you want, then we can find the program best suited for your needs. 


College Applications

For some, applying for college can seem overly complicated. The EOC can walk you through the application process for the program you choose, helping you to fill out the correct information.


We will then help you determine what your next steps are after the application to get admitted to that program and enrolled in your classes. 

Financial Planning

Paying for college is one thing but what about your monthly bills? How will you live and eat?


We also offer assistance with financial planning and can help you create a budget. 


Every advisor you will speak with has had the same questions and struggles you face when it comes to paying for life and college. We did it, and so can you! 


Career Planning

Many of us have no clue what we want to be. There are just so many options. The advisors at the EOC will work with you and help you discover the career of your dreams. 


Together we will work through your interests, values, education, skills, goals & experience. We will explore the life, work and learning options available to you. 




You don't need a high school diploma or a GED to go to college. However, it makes you eligible for federal financial aid. We can help connect you to a local GED class and register for the GED test. Additionally, for clients of the EOC, we will pay the fee for one section of the test after you register.